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U.S. Expatriate Tax

Every U.S. citizen - regardless of whether they are living in the U.S. or abroad - must file a tax return with the federal government and report their world wide income . Even some states require that you file a tax return when living abroad.

Who is an Expatriate ?

American U.S. citizens and Green Card holders living outside the U.S.

Due Dates :

  • April 15 - Tax payment deadline.

  • June 15 - Tax filing deadline. An extension can be filed to extend the filing deadline to October 15.

  • June 30 - FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting) is due.

The tax can be reduced or eliminated by the:

  • foreign earned income exclusion - for 2014, up to $99,200 per qualifying person (i.e., if you are married and both work abroad, you may be able to each exclude up to $99,200 of your earned income),

  • foreign housing exclusion (if renting)

  • foreign tax credit

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